December 2007

8 trends to capitalize on in 2008

Rest assured there won’t be a shortage of emerging trends in 2008. To get you going, here are eight trends to watch and capitalize on in the new year. You have no excuse not to be in the know!

November 2007


A new generation of consumers largely being ignored by marketers, authenticity trumping the eco-trend, a shift from design and beauty to blandness, daring forecasts for 2011 and more...

September 2007


With 2008 only months away, this is a good time to hone your trend watching skills. Find out about the 'why' of trend spotting, the mindset required, the resources needed, the process of embedding trends into your organization, and how to actually apply these trends...

August 2007


Women. The Mega Niche. The under-served market of all markets. And so on. Just consider the fact that women, who comprise just over 50% of the US population, make over 80% of the consumer purchasing decisions (and in case you're wondering, consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of US GNP)...




Many brands now actively target the gay community, as even the most conservative execs have come to realise that there's just too much money to be made from well-to-do, happy-to-spend GLBT consumers. And merely acknowledging consumers who sadly are used to being ignored if not vilified, does wonders for brand loyalty...




BOOMING BUSINESS is what baby boomers are. Anyone from Tom Peters to Faith Popcorn to Wikipedia will be able to shower you with mouth-watering numbers and indicators, highlighting the amassed wealth of baby boomers in mature consumer societies around the world...

June 2007


“(STILL) MADE HERE encompasses new and enduring manufacturers & purveyors of the local. In a world seemingly ruled by globalization, mass production and ‘Cheapest of the Cheapest’, a growing number of consumers are seeking out the local, and thus the authentic, the storied, the eco-friendly, and/or the obscure...”

May 2007


"Old economy fog is clearing: no longer can incompetence be obscured. In its place has come a transparent, fully informed marketplace. TRANSPARENCY TYRANNY for some, TRANSPARENCY TRIUMPH for others." How about YOUR brand?...

April 2007


The power of groups, the clout that crowds can exercise to get what they want, is nothing new. What is new, however, is the dizzying ease with which likeminded, action-ready consumers can now go online and connect, group and ultimately exert influence if not demand bulk discounts. Call it group power, call it CROWD CLOUT...

Feb/Mar 2007


Freed from the shackles of convention and scarcity, immune to most advertising, and enjoying full access to information, reviews, and navigation, TRYSUMERS are trying out new appliances, new services, new flavors, new authors, new destinations, new artists, new outfits, new relationships, new anything with post mass-market gusto...

January 2007

Top 5 Consumer Trends for 2007

Five big trends/themes that are on our radar for 2007, dealing with status, transparency and consumer power, the online revolution, more adventurous consumption, and a shift to participation...

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