December 2005


Not quite like our other trend descriptions, VIRTUAL ANTHROPOLOGY is about how to spot trends of your own, by soaking up what consumers are putting on display...

November 2005


Status-craving consumers are hunting down the next wave in uber-exclusive goods, services and experiences that are truly out of reach for the masses, now that MASSCLUSIVITY has commoditized all but the most luxurious products on earth...

Sep/Oct 2005


Make way for MINIPRENEURS: consumers who are increasingly involved with the creation, production and trading of goods, services and experiences, instead of merely consuming them. Why? Just because they finally can...

August 2005


Welcome to HYGIENIA: a marketplace inhabited by mature consumers from South Korea to Brazil, from Australia to Canada, who can instantly and expertly point out the various hygiene factors for each and every good, service and experience on offer...

June/July 2005


Word of mouth may be big, but consumers looking for the best of the best, the first of the first increasingly don't connect to 'just any other consumer' anymore, they are hooking up with (and listening to) their taste 'twins'; fellow consumers somewhere in the world who think, react, enjoy and consume the way they do...

May 2005


CUSTOMER-MADE is getting bigger and bigger. Sure, we were bullish on this trend when we introduced this last November, but still, the sheer number of new CUSTOMER-MADE spottings and insights surprised even us. Which is why it was time for some special coverage!

April 2005


Much has already been said about search-based advertising and initiating word of mouth as new and more relevant ways to replace mass advertising, but has spotted a third alternative: TRYVERTISING, which is all about consumers becoming familiar with new products by actually trying them out...

March 2005


The new riches will come from servicing the new niches. From hyper-individualization to millions of new niche producers to full transparency to no-cost inventory, mass will soon make way for niche. Neglect at own risk...

Jan/Feb 2005


Demanding consumers are in a constant 'Ready To Go, READY-TO-KNOW' state of mind, expecting any information deemed relevant to be available instantly, at their own terms. Think of it as the Google effect (demanding and getting instant answers) permeating all aspects of daily life...

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