December 2004


At the core of each of our mega/meta/macro trends are the new consumers, who create their own playgrounds, their own comfort zones, their own worlds... They're the MASTERS OF THE YOUNIVERSE!

November 2004


Get ready for CUSTOMER-MADE: the phenomenon of corporations creating goods, services and experiences in close cooperation with consumers, tapping into their intellectual capital, and in exchange giving them a direct say in what actually gets produced, manufactured, developed, designed, serviced, or processed. Consumerism will never be the same!

Sept/Oct 2004


In a consumer society and outside world dominated by experiences, preferably branded, designed, themed and curated to the nines, INSPERIENCE represents consumers' desire to invite brands offering experiences exclusive to the (semi) public domain, to set up shop within their own domestic domain...

August 2004


Make way for the emerging trend of CURATED CONSUMPTION: millions of consumers following and obeying the new curators of style and taste in an ever growing number of B2C industries. So stop listening to your customers, and tell them what to do!




The phenomenon of five star hotels joining forces with real estate developers, to offer services that were previously for guests only, to owners of luxury residential properties located next to or even on top of sumptuous hotels. Think exclusive access to the spa, bellboys walking the dog, guaranteed reservations in Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurants, or 24/7 room service instead of Domino's. Needless to say, learnings aplenty for other B2C industries as well...

July 2004


Consumers are collecting, storing and displaying their entire lives, for personal use, or for friends and family, even the entire world to peruse. The necessary enablers are in place for what has dubbed LIFE CACHING, with Nokia, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung and many more getting into the game...

June 2004


JetBlue, Song, Target, HEMA, Muji all prime examples of low cost goods and services that add design, high quality elements or exceptional customer service to create top quality experiences at bottom prices...




Advance online bookings, early notifications and pre-ordering are attracting hundreds of thousands of early birds and early adopters around the world...

April/May 2004


Multitasking to make way for HYPERTASKING: doing loads of things simultaneously is moving from the desktop to consumers' daily lives!




The twin-trend to HYPERTASKING? A fast growing class of products and services catering to consumers' need for simplicity, from domestic services to 'Saturday-Plus' subscriptions...

March 2004


What do a drop-off shop for online auctions, a photographer specializing in flattering snaps for dating sites, and tasty sandwiches sold at airport gates have in common? They're all part of an ongoing surge in FEEDER BUSINESSES; small, sometimes tiny, new businesses and services that feed (off) New Economy (there, we said it!) stars like eBay, Google,, or Amazon...

February 2004


C is for Content. The GENERATION C phenomenon captures the tsunami of consumer generated content that is building on the Web, adding tera-peta bytes of new text, images, audio and video on an ongoing basis...




A vital combination of 'mature' consumers pursuing a seemingly restrained 'best of the best' materialism is driving the trend in ditching mundane goods and services for more professional, premium or sassier versions...

January 2004


From gallery-like shopping spaces with one-off exhibitions to mobile units bringing innercity-chic to rural areas, TRENDWATCHING.COM has spotted an emerging trend in temporary retail manifestations around the world...




New and innovative micro-selling methods aimed at new consumers in developing mega-economies like China, India, The Philippines, Mexico and Brazil. It's all about serving up products, services and loans in affordable sachets or sizes...




Forget 'MIC' (Made in China), or even 'MFC' (Made for China). How about OBC : OWNED BY CHINA?

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