Nov/Dec 2003


Making spontaneous decisions to go somewhere or do something is becoming the norm; often the only thing consumers are willing to plan is to be... spontaneous! Dating and low fare airlines are just two pieces of the ever expanding puzzle...

October 2003


Design-driven innovation, based around changing customer needs, will always be disruptive across many industries. Just ask hoteliers...

September 2003


Millions of global citizens will want to — and be able to afford to — live in communities stripped of crime, bad weather and bad housing. NATIONS*LITE* like the United Arab Emirates and the Freedom Ship are rolling out the red carpet...




You can find anything on anyone online these days: so why not 'Google' your first-time customers and offer them personalized services from day one of your '1:1 relationship'?

August 2003


Forward thinking companies like South Korean Telecom and US-based Speakeasy are embracing technology and consumers. Have you DIGITALLY EMBRACED your customers today, or are you still in DIGITAL DENIAL?

June/July 2003


MASS CLASS puts any Shanghai and Prague shopper making $5000 a year on par with Swiss and US consumers bagging $5,000 a month...




600 million consumers worldwide are beginning to see online access as an absolute necessity, and there are no signs that the pace of integrating online access into daily life is slowing down...

May 2003


Dormant products, brands, logos, campaigns and spokespersons that still live on in the collective consumer conscience, even though the actual merchandise has long ceased to exist. From New Beetle to Ovaltine...




In a world where Newbies are turning into OLDBIES by the hundreds of millions, there is NO excuse for not having a state of the art website, world-class online customer service, or cutting edge ecommerce offerings...

April 2003


For years now, American and European consumers have benefited from new, low-cost airlines and other standardized services modeled after Southwest Airlines and UK's EasyGroup. Are Asian consumers next?




Combine native websites with burgeoning immigrant communities abroad, and you have just one of the new business opportunities supported by the IMMI-MERCE trend...




Say good bye to 'tourists', from now on you will have to cater to TRANSUMERS: consumers in transit...

March 2003


Vast groups of immigrants now travel back and forth between their old and new homelands. New business opportunities galore, especially on national holidays, from the US to China...




With the internet invading every aspect of daily life, it is no surprise that websites are starting to mirror addresses of the brick and mortar world. Does your apartment building have a residence-net yet?




Smart governments put their former citizens to good use. Forget embassies, this is where business really gets done;-). The Indian government seems to agree...




The art of spotting a promising local new business and then quickly copying the concept to other cities, countries or continents. You don't have to come up with the Next Big Thing, just spot it. (Oh how we wish we'd spotted Starbucks in Seattle a few years ago!)




Thousands, even millions of ordinary folks will start reporting to central entities to track and trace anything that moves. Dutch celebrities for example...




It's all about real time information and insights into every aspect of global culture. Want to know what's hot in Tokyo's streets as we speak?




All about marketing previously 'scarce' tech products as 'bundled commodities' and bringing them within reach of all members of a family. Cellular phones for the entire family from AT&T Wireless for example!

February 2003


From rock stars' cribs to consumers' dreams. MTV has invented a new kind of testimonial...



SECOND .COMING predicts a SECOND .COMING for hundreds of failed dotcom ideas and concepts. The IDEAS, not the financial plans that is ;-)




Consumption validated by a framework of excuse-experiences...




In only seven years time, black boxes have grown from mysterious devices on jumbo jets to ubiquitous event-recorders...




Festivals are spawning siblings intent on capturing a piece of the buzz, action and attention surrounding these gatherings, at a fraction of the cost...




Physical goods that cannot, by nature, be hurried into their desired shape, look or state. Which means some consumers want to pay extra to skip the wait...

January 2003


A mix of real-time thrills, instant gratification and appealing to customers-in-the-know that should inspire creative marketers. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is leading the way...




See. Hear. Buy. Instantly. Oh, the goods you can sell in a world where everything can be traced back to a store!




Amateurs-turned-professionals post reviews, criticisms, software, and God knows what else on the web — an untapped gold mine for marketers, and a source of worry or opportunity for corporations at large...




How certain focused and well respected brands are cashing in by enriching other, more all-encompassing brands. Think Godiva bonbons popping up in boutique hotels...




It-ISM increasingly follows certain rules, giving creative entrepreneurs and marketers the opportunity to reap the It-RICHES before anyone else. Will Peruvian be the It-CUISINE in 2005?

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