Take SWARM SIGHTING tools and combine them with 500,000 bloggers and GARAGE INFLUENTIALS, and you get PULSE PUBLICATIONS. Soon, every phenomenon and every trend will not only have its own dedicated website, but will be reported on in such a way as to give you a real-time finger on the global pulse, whether you're in a Buenos Aires 1BR or your ski hut in the Swiss Alps.

PULSE PUBLICATIONS will let you work and travel vicariously, and will go far beyond static web cams and well-meant, 'last updated: June 2001' hobby-sites. It's all about real time information and insights into every aspect of global culture.

For example, if you're working for H&M, Zara or the GAP and want to see what über-hip Japanese girls are wearing in Tokyo as we speak, Japanesestreets.com will do the trick. Are you part of IKEA's design team and do you need to know how normal people decorate their living rooms right here, right now? Wholiveshere.com should appeal.

Expect even more extremely up-to-date reports with blogging now going mobile: fonebloggers will roam the streets looking for the latest and greatest, and all YOU have to do is tune in. Gold dust for true marketers, management consultants and fellow trend watchers!


AUGUST 2003 | Now, the mobile version of blogging, 'moblogging' is taking off: the first 'International Moblogging Conference' just took place in Tokyo (source: Japan Inc), co-sponsored by Sony and i-Mode, a sure sign another exotic business phenomenon is about to go mainstream. 150 Mobloggers from around the world discussed potential business models and the size of the prospective market for this most mobile vehicle for PULSE PUBLICATIONS. Needless to say, live pics from the conference were moblogged by one of the attendants.

If your business is in anyway involved with publishing, even if it's a client newsletter, we strongly suggest you look into incorporating PULSE PUBLICATION aspects in your offerings. If you're in business, *period*, these niche and real-time reports are amongst the most valuable business intelligence resources available.

http://www.trendwatching.com/newsletters/JAN03/newsletter.htm http://www.japanesestreets.com
Moblogging Conference
Sample moblog