Remember the days when entire families would gather in front of a TV set, only to slaughter each other over who got control over the remote control? Or siblings waging a domestic war over perpetually busy phone lines? And let's not forget queuing up to use the PC and fighting over the game console!

Happily, these situations are rapidly becoming memories of the past, with FEUDLESS FAMILIES emerging from the new world of rock bottom priced hardware and changed attitudes towards the use of technology. Communication is now seen as a necessity, not a luxury. Most technological need-to-haves were never invented for mass-use anyway: one-on-one communication is the name of the game for laptops, cell phones, games, portable DVD players and what have you.

Sign of the times: 'AT&T Wireless Shared Advantage calling plans', which will get you up to 5 free cell phones and calling plans for your family members, at family discounts!

For IT manufacturers and service providers, the FEUDLESS FAMILIES trend is all about marketing previously 'scarce' technological products as 'bundled commodities' and bringing them within reach of all members of a family. If done right, like AT&T's approach, revenues could triple, quadruple or even quintuple!