Real-time economy has made consumers more impatient than ever. With instant gratification being offered by digital services, it is likely that heightened expectations and accompanying impatience will eventually invade every aspect of online and offline commercial life, with MATURED GOODS being a related emerging trend.

MATURED GOODS encompass those physical goods that cannot, by nature, be hurried into their desired shape, look or state, and thus require a certain amount of patience from consumers. Think the coveted stone-washed, ragged jeans look; think full grown roof-terrace/garden plants and trees; think ripe, ready to eat fruits and vegetables; think trendy, been-around sneakers.

With Levi's Jeans as the trendmeister for this one, we recommend that manufacturers, farmers, craftsmen and gardeners study which of their products currently require their customers to wait for days, weeks, months or even years to fulfill the original purchase goal. Have the maturing done in-house, then charge premium prices!