After faithfully buying whatever celebrities (pretend to) use, wear, eat or drink in public, consumers now want the goodies their idols and role models enjoy in the 'privacy' of their own homes.

Credit MTV's Cribs (a popular TV show in which celebrities show off their house, garden, and garages) and 'The Osbournes' (reality TV meets the daily life of a rock celeb family) for opening doors that reveal future consumer dreams like Boom Boom Rooms, garage-size fridges, professional BBQ centers, and cinema-worthy TV screens.

TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed this phenomenon CRIBTIMONIALS, as we expect the next phase to be less spontaneous (read: more commercial), with specific domestic luxury goods and amenities placed and highlighted much more prominently by producers, advertisers and celebs.

So if you market or sell luxury goods, make sure you get your product into Shaggy's Boom Boom Room. And if you're in home decorations and lifestyle trends, then CRIBTIMONIALS will help you spot those crucial new must-haves, like in-house mini-spas! --