Modern life, especially modern urban life, is obsessed with the ‘in’ thing: the it-girls, the restaurant-buzz, the happening neighbourhoods. This It-ISM increasingly follows certain rules and regulations, giving creative entrepreneurs and marketers the opportunity to reap the It-RICHES before anyone else does.

First, there’s It-ROULATION, which dictates that every well known colour, cuisine, decade, city, country or anything else commercially exploitable, will get its turn in the lime light, over and over again. If Belgian food was hot in the late nineties, and lost its spot to Swedish restaurateurs soon after, then chances are that Belgian dishes will be happening again in 2010.

Following the It-ROULATION comes the It-GAP opportunity: introducing those subjects and items that aren’t on the It-ROULATION’s radar. To stick with cuisines: Guatemalan food, when introduced by the right It-restaurateurs, could well become the new craze in Paris for the first time ever, thereby earning access to It-ROULATION and thus eternal, periodical It-STATUS.

TRENDWATCHING.COM believes that while it is beneficial to know what the current It-THING is, it’s more lucrative to forsee or create the NEXT THING, and the one after that.