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“Lifestyle multi-if-not-hyper-tasking: why micro-convenience, mini-experiences and digital snacks will rule in 2013.”

For those wondering where ‘mobile’ will head next, one behavioral insight should give you plenty to run with: in 2013, consumers will look to their mobile devices to maximize absolutely every moment. Hectic, urban lifestyles mean that no amount of (micro) time will be too fleeting, or activity too absorbing, to cram in more content, connection, consumption or simply more fun.

All of which means the next 12 months will see an explosion in MOBILE MOMENTS: products, services and experiences that will enable mobile-loving consumers to embrace (seamless) lifestyle multi-if-not-hyper-tasking.

We could offer you a deluge of stats on everything from mobile use to addiction, but we know YOU don’t have the time, either, so we’ll just offer three:

  • A survey of US adult smartphone owners found that 63% of female respondents and 73% of male respondents don’t go an hour without checking their phone (Source: Harris Interactive, June 2012).
  • Cell phone users between 18 and 24 exchange an average of 109.5 messages on an average day, more than 3,200 per month (Source: Pew Research Centre, September 2012).
  • An academic study of Android users’ app-habits revealed that while users spend nearly one hour on their devices a day, the average app session lasted only just over a minute. (Source: DFKI, November 2011)

Wondering how to apply MOBILE MOMENTS? Why not take any of the other trends in this Trend Briefing (or our previous Trend Briefings) and add a lifestyle-maximization, experience cramming, MOBILE MOMENT dimension?

Still struggling? Check out the examples below for inspiration on how to shave seconds, fill moments or create whole new, on-the-go services:  

Projekt Ingeborg: Virtual library in Klagenfurt, Austria

July 2012 saw Klagenfurt unveil Projekt Ingeborg which provides a virtual library through QR code stickers placed around the Austrian city. Though the city does not have a public library, residents can access classic literature via the yellow stickers which have been placed in locations such as bus stops.

Jana: Mobile market research platform for the developing world

Jana enables cell phone users in the developing world to participate in market research surveys via SMS. The service is able to reward participants with free airtime, and as a result of partnering with mobile operators, reaches nearly 3.5 billion people in over 100 countries.

Snapchat: Temporary photo sharing app

Snapchat is an app that enables users to share images that can only be viewed by the recipient for a few seconds before they ‘self-destruct’. The developers announced in October 2012 that the service was processing 20 million images a day.

WeChat: Hyper social features

WeChat the global messaging app mentioned in EMERGING² above, contains a number of features that enable users to chat with random strangers. The 'Remote Shake' feature randomly connects two users who shake their phones at the same time, while 'Drift Bottle' allows users to send a virtual message in a bottle 'out to sea', where it can be collected (and read) by another random user.

Pogoseat: Maximize your experience

Pogoseat is an app that enables audience members at live sports events to identify and purchase upgrades to better seats via their smartphone. The app identifies empty seats with the best views, and once users have selected their new seats they are able to enter payment details, purchase, and move.

Peapod: QR code 'virtual stores' at US commuter hotspots

Going all out on the ever-spreading QR-surface-retail phenomenon, US-based online grocer announced in October 2012 that it was launching over 100 QR-code based ‘virtual stores’ at train stations in major cities including Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Meanwhile, QR code 'shops' continue to spread. Just one more (of many!): Walmart-owned Mexican supermarket chain Superama has unveiled QR code-enabled kiosks in a selection of shopping centers in Mexico City. Global MOBILE MOMENTS are truly upon us ;-)