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With the region facing one crisis after another, it's time for brands to roll up their sleeves and help!

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TrendWatching is one of the world’s leading consumer trend firms. 35,000+ business professionals across South & Central America (SCA) subscribe to our free publications, and 100+ of the region’s leading brands and agencies purchase access to our Premium Service.

Our SCA content is produced by our São Paulo office and our network of over 90+ spotters (from Bogota to Lima), while our global teams have been inspiring business professionals in 180+ countries since 2002.


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Watch the video opposite and learn how it's supercharging our 1,200+ clients' insight and innovation capabilities.

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Need an in-house presentation on Latinamerican consumer trends & innovations?

Luciana Stein, Lead Trend Strategist - South & Central America

“Luciana gave us a clear, fluid and efficient explanation about the consumer trends going on in Mexico and South America.”

Daniel Sierra, LG Mobile Mkt. Director - Mexico

“Luciana has a rare talent for mixing analytical knowledge with every day life example to make a convincing case for the audience. Information without pain… there should be more like her.”

Diane Berard, Chroniqueur, Les Affaires (Canada)


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