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1. Free Monthly Trend Briefings

Subscribe to our free monthly Trend Briefings (published in 5 languages), and join more than 200,000 business professionals in 180 countries.

Highlighting one important consumer trend each month, the Trend Briefings also come with plenty of examples...


2. Our Premium Service

For those of you who enjoy our free monthly Trend Briefings, but now need a full trend service to spot, share and apply ALL key consumer trends out there, our exclusive but affordable Premium service is a must-have.

Members enjoy 24/7 access to our entire Trend and Innovation Database, Annual Trend Report, Industry-specific Trend Reports, our Sharing Tools, a Trend Apply Toolkit, and support from our Client Services and Research teams.


3. South & Central America +
Asia Pacific Trend Reports

Our new Asia Pacific and South & Central American trend reports bring you 40+ local consumer trends, tons of must-see innovations, and an Apply section.
All aimed at helping you come up with exciting new business concepts, products, services and campaigns today, to make the most of 2013-2014. So if you're looking for an innovation springboard for Asia or South America, these reports are for you.


South & Central America and Asia Pacific Trend Reports
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4. Speaking Engagements

Need a trend presentation or workshop for your organization or a keynote speaker for your conference/summit/seminar? We have three accomplished, sought-after speakers to choose from:

  • Henry Mason, Global Head of Research and Managing Partner (London)
  • Luciana Stein, Head of South & Central America (São Paulo)
  • Tara Hirebet, Head of Asia Pacific (Singapore)



5. Consumer Trend Seminars

After our successful Consumer Trend Seminars in 2012 in São Paulo, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney, Istanbul, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Toronto, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, we're now planning cities and dates for Summer 2014. MORE »

6. Content Partnerships, Syndication and Journalist Quotes

Ideal for journalists, editors, bloggers and more, content is available for use by media or professional organizations that are interested in running ongoing coverage of our consumer trends and innovations. We also have a team of analysts who are available to offer their expertise for some of your most pressing stories.

Check out our dedicated Media Services page, or for Content Partnerships or Syndication, contact David Mattin.
If you are a journalist and would like to speak with one of our analysts for a story, please contact Bruna Pacheco .