Consultancy Services

Working together to deliver just the right Trend-Driven Innovation solution for your needs.

Want to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your trend and innovation team (no matter how big or small)?

As a trusted trend partner to some of the leading global consumer brands and agencies, we can help design, support and supercharge your innovation capabilities.

Our menu of services

Custom Deep Dive Reports

Access to experts via bespoke research reports for your project, pitch or presentation.

Save time and focus with a curated selection of the most relevant trends and innovations, fast!

Trend Presentations

In-person delivery of key trends and the opportunities they offer you.

Inspirational experts will get your colleagues up-to-speed on the very latest relevant trends, with best practice examples of how businesses are already tapping into them.

Innovation Workshops

Tailored workshops helping you turn insights into actual innovations.

Participants will not only understand and analyze the most relevant consumer trends impacting your organization, but be ready to launch successful new innovations of their own.

Trend & Innovation Webinars

Virtual updates highlighting latest trends and insights relevant to you.

Tailored to your organization’s current strategy or your clients’ interests, an opportunity to quiz the experts and generate new ideas!

Our Trusted Trend Partners include:


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