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  • "The site and services are put together in an interesting, inspiring and easy-to-access format. I love the tone of voice, the clear overview and the vast amount of trends and cases available. Definitely the best trendsite out there currently."

    Johanna Stein

    Sr. Manager Consumer Insights

    Mattel, USA

  • “For some time, I have been using Trendwatching intelligence wherever I could find it. Because of the wealth of social and cultural intel it offers, I signed up for the Premium Service and I was not disappointed! The abstracts help bring my projects to life; the well-defined tools make my work efficient and help me give my clients a unique perspective. Thank you, trendwatching.com, for offering incredible customer service along with Your well-founded perspective on our ever-changing world.”

    Leslie Eades

    Creative Consultant

    Freelancer, USA

  • “trendwatching.com’s strength is that they keep moving, keep showing me the latest trends and how existing trends are evolving as consumer needs and desires change. We use the Premium Service to help us identify significant trends, both those that we’re already investing significant time and resources in and also those that we could be doing more with."

    Rick Holman

    Head of Global Trends Network

    General Motors, USA

  • “trendwatching.com is a here-and-now tool for market insights, very contemporary, very easy to digest. I especially like the way the report makes the trends stand out by conceptualising these insights, with a number of varied examples for each trend. I use the report to help tag and sort my own analysis.”

    Johanna Hammar

    Innovation Manager

    Spendrups Brewery, Sweden

  • “We find the Premium service a great resource for tracking today’s and tomorrow’s trends, and a valuable guide for understanding consumer behaviour and expectations. İt also helps us to see how each trends relate to each other, and how they form a bigger picture. The monthly updates doubles the service’s value. We share its contents directly with our top management.”

    Cagla Ozmeric

    Trend Management Manager

    AKBANK, Turkey

  • “In today’s world, where we don’t always have time to research everything we need to, trendwatching.com is my go-to idea bank!”

    Rebecca Huston

    Principal, Strategy

    Huen, USA

  • “trendwatching.com’s Trend Report is an inspiration source in many ways: for innovation, for understanding lifestyles, for design... it really makes you think about new possibilities for your business.”

    Marta Martan

    Knowledge Manager

    Gallina Blanca Star, Spain

  • “trendwatching.com’s Premium service is so useful for us to adapt our shopping malls to changing consumer behaviour and to take advantage of future opportunities. Their Trend Report helps us define future drivers for our FMPs.”

    Kristel van Dam

    Senior Investment Strategy & Research Analyst

    Corio, The Netherlands

  • “I love trendwatching.com - Seriously, genuinely. A wonderful tool for research, for thought provocation, for developing both strategic and creative direction and for comfort in this past-evolving, ever-changing world. I'll be renewing my Premium account in a heartbeat.”

    Greg Hobby

    Chief OutThinker

    OutThinking, Australia

  • “Our clients need to know the crucial trends affecting their business now, as well as what’s around the corner.”

    Felicity Kelly

    Brand Director

    Saintnicks, UK

  • “We see Premium as a way of feeding our inspiration as both a research and call to action tool.”

    Tatiana Romão

    Market Research Manager

    Sonae Sierra, Portugal

  • “We just finished giving a trend presentation internally, incorporating Premium’s trends and inspirational examples, and as always the presentation was very well received.”

    Oi-Lin Man

    Market Intelligence

    Canon Europe, United Kingdom

  • “We always look forward to the release of the new yearly report. We’re using the report for learning, for stimulating discussions, and for presentations. We particularly like the many visuals and examples that support the trends mentioned.”

    Ilene Strongin-Garry

    Manager: Information, Research & Trends

    InterContinental Hotel Group, US

  • “The slides are very useful to make the trends come alive… we've been sharing them with a wider team, using them as inspiration for strategy sessions… keep the inspiration coming!”

    Joost Houben

    Brand Manager

    Unilever, the Netherlands

  • “Very thought provoking, using the themes with management colleagues.”

    Chris Harris

    Global Marketing Director

    Vertu, UK

  • “Thoughtful, thought-provoking and extremely well presented. One of the best sources available on emerging consumer trends, trendwatching.com's annual Trends Report has been very valuable input for our work at IMD on how organizations translate the global trends which are reshaping the world of business into today's decision-making. Our participants have also responded to trendwatching.com's insights with enthusiasm and we will be on the waiting list for the next report.”

    Tracey Keys

    Program Manager and co-author of IMD global trends materials

    IMD, Switzerland

  • “Very happy with the report. The presentation format worked well for me in explaining and giving working examples of the trend. The trends information forms a very important element of our Innovation Pipeline. All idea generation and concept development should start from a consumer/customer trend, otherwise you need to ask yourself the question, why are we doing this?…”

    Jason de Kauwe

    Global Innovation Manager

    BP, UK

  • “The Trend Report and many examples help us to think and make things different. A perfect guide for creativity and innovation!”

    Christoph Auböck

    Head of Strategic Research and Insights

    Media1, Austria

  • “For some time, I have been using Trendwatching intelligence wherever I could find it. Because of the wealth of social and cultural intel it offers, I signed up for the Premium Service and I was not disappointed! The abstracts help bring my projects to life; the well-defined tools make my work efficient and help me give my clients a unique perspective. Thank you, trendwatching.com, for offering incredible customer service along with Your well-founded perspective on our ever-changing world.”

    Leslie Eades

    Creative Consultant


Case Studies

Paul Freeman - Marketing Leader

“We are very pleased with the report: the content is great and is a good start for idea brainstorming — for individual use and for our whole team. ”

Douwe Egberts

Using trend information as a tool

As one of the largest purveyors of coffee, teas & groceries to consumers around the world, Douwe Egberts Marketing Leader Paul Freeman uses the Premium Service for a variety of uses, from strategic to creative ideation and implementation. For example, the Annual Trend Report is used as brainstorming inspiration, a strategic thought-starter and an activation insight tool, “We are very pleased with the report: the content is great and is a good start for idea brainstorming — for individual use and for our whole team.

Nele van den Broeck - Market Researcher

“The Premium Service helps us look beyond our walls and see what the world is doing.”

Colruyt Group

Applying consumer trends across multiple retail sectors

One of the largest retail chains across Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, Colruyt own and operate brands across a wide range of sectors including supermarkets, grocery stores, toys, baby goods, gas stations and gifts.

Nele van den Broeck, Corporate Marketing, uses an understanding of consumer trends to drive communications and marketing strategies, as well as store design.

With such a diverse retail portfolio, she needs to understand how her stores are competing in the marketplace and with each other – and what opportunities this competition gives rise to. “We need to make sure our stores are ultra competitive and that all comes down to understanding what our customers want.” says Nele van den Broeck. “I find the Premium Service fun and inspiring – whenever I type in a search term, I always come across something inspirational. It’s reassuring too because I know I will find something useful.”

Operating in so many sectors, she finds the Industry Updates particularly useful, giving her a different angle on projects - thus helping her team and her stores seek inspiration from other industries.

One of the most useful ways she’s found to incorporate Premium Service content into decision making is to run internal workshops mapping trendwatching.com trends into key consumer shopping mindsets such as belonging, recognition and power. “I then get the participants to physically place about 40 innovation examples from Premium onto a radar of these trends and then map our own brands to them. We can then see where the opportunities for us as a business are.”

Kristel van Dam - Senior Investment
Strategy & Research Analyst

“We need to always be adapting our malls to changing consumer behavior. trendwatching.com help us do that.”


Putting consumer behavior at the heart of strategy

As a leading retail property investor and manager, understanding consumer behavior is key to Corio’s drive to stay at the forefront of their industry. With a portfolio of €7.1billion invested in shopping malls across The Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey, they have put that success down to making sure they understand what is important to their customers and how that is constantly evolving.

In 2012, recognising that retail was changing from a shopping experience to a social experience, they decided to fully focus on Favorite Meeting Places (FMP) - places where people not only browse and buy, but eat and drink, meeting up with friends as a regular part of their social activity. Looking for greater insight into consumer behavior to add to their own knowledge, they turned to trendwatching.com.

“trendwatching.com’s Premium service is so useful for us to adapt our shopping malls to changing consumer behavior and to take advantage of future opportunities,” says Kristel van Dam, Senior Investment Strategy & Research Analyst, “and their Trend Report helps us define future drivers for our FMPs.”

Using trendwatching.com’s Trend Report, Innovations Database and Monthly Updates, Kristel and her team created their own internal trend report, to share their vision for ‘Corioworld’ with their organzsation. Alongside exploring key trends for the year ahead (and beyond), their report also offers practical tools to help colleagues apply trendwatching.com’s trends and turn them into new concepts.

Rebecca Huston - Principal, Strategy

“trendwatching.com do a fantastic job of highlighting the trends that my clients must take action on.”


Translating trend ideas into action

Huen work with some of the biggest global players such as Nike, adidas and Starbucks, envisaging and designing highly engaging retail environments for their stores, showrooms and tradeshows.

To ensure their design concepts resonate with the target audience of these highly consumer-focused brands, Huen use the Premium Service to both inform their understanding of the fundamental elements of human behavior and (via the Industry Updates), to get greater insight into how trends are being represented in their clients’ industry – and crucially, which businesses are already acting on them. By looking across industries, they seek inspiration beyond traditional competitors to innovators in other consumer areas.

“The best insights often come from other sectors to help our clients find new role models they can learn from,” says Rebecca Huston, Principal, Strategy, "innovative products in consumer electronics for example can inspire new ideas for financial services companies.”

Rebecca’s role is to both illustrate trend theory with visual innovation examples (from the Innovations Database) that her design team can work with, as well as translating trends into activation strategies for her clients – helping them to apply trends and adapt them to the needs of their industry. “We translate ideas into a language our clients understand and that is right for their brand,” Huston says. For example, she worked with Sephora, the international cosmetics retailer, to identify and apply key trends to inform the evolution of Sephora’s retail model using multiple examples from trendwatching.com.

“What I also value about trendwatching.com, is that they help validate what I’ve heard or seen myself – by seeing it in Premium, it’s raised up a level in my thinking. In today’s world, where we don’t always have the time we’d like for research, trendwatching.com is my go-to idea bank!”

Rick Holman - Head of Global Trends Network

“We’re always investing in our future: trendwatching.com gives us quick and meaningful access to trends and innovations, in a world that never stands still.”


Utilizing trends and innovations to stay head of the game

For a leading global automotive manufacturer (operating 11 brands in 157 countries), understanding trends in consumer behavior, needs and wants is critical for the innovation process. As such, GM set up their Global Trend Network 5 years ago to provide an essential internal feed of trends and ideas to the organization at large – using trendwatching.com’s Premium Service as a key tool.

“trendwatching.com’s strength is that they keep moving, keep showing me the latest trends and how existing trends are evolving as consumer needs and desires change,” says Rick Holman, Head of Global Trends Network. “We use the Premium Service to help us identify significant trends, both those that we’re already investing significant time and resources in (such as environmental ones) and also those that we could be doing more with - for example, we feel that the Sharing Economy is becoming hugely important to consumers, something that trendwatching.com’s OWNER-LESS trend focuses expertly on.”

GM needs to be keeping its eye on many different geographical markets and what has increasingly become clear to them are the commonalities of behavior around the world, “What no longer surprises me is the amount of overlap across regions in the consumer trends. Everyone across GM is talking about the same trends - the only difference is timing.

GM also feels it’s essential to look cross-industry for examples of innovative products, services and experiences from which they can draw inspiration, “If we just look at our own industry, we’re going to be following, not leading. The Premium Service gives us that cross-industry coverage that we need.”

Finding time to keep up-to-date with those changes can be exhausting, “What trendwatching.com gives me back is time. They’re continually reading and scanning global information sources, synthesizing all the information out there into consumable bites. They also help me move trends from my ‘weak signals’ bucket (things I know are interesting but am not sure how important they are, or what to do with them yet) to my trends list – concepts I need to let my colleagues know we need to be taking action on”.

“I also like the creative way that information is displayed and packaged. The images that accompany their trends help keep the content alive and makes it ‘pop’ when I present it to colleagues who may only get to occasionally look at this kind of information. They do a great job of helping me make an impression and I really value that. Their language is succinct and full of pithy insights giving me a quick and useable summary.”

Juan Diego Peláez - Planner

“We use all that the Premium Service offers to inspire our creative team and to open our clients’ minds."


Optimizing information and searching using strategic tools.

Pérez y Villa is an ATL agency with more than 30 years of experience in the local market, advising brands with domestic and international presence. Experts in a comprehensive support ranging from strategic planning to creative execution and monitoring of results, Pérez & Villa also belongs to a communications holding, El Grupo, which has experience in dealing with partners in BTL and Digital solutions.

“The main way we use the Premium Service, and especially the Trend Report, is for strategic planning. We offer this info as a part of our internal tools, and approach prospects with trends adapted for their industries.” says Andrea Mejía, Strategic Planning Director, “trendwatching.com is very useful to inspire the creative process and provide context and rationale for our presentations.”

The Planning team also use extracts of the Monthly Updates in bespoke client reports, and additionally, “the Industry Updates are useful too, when we need to understand a new category or to give an update of the industry to our regular clients”, says Andrea.

They also run frequent workshops using Premium content as an inspiration for their clients to evaluate how their story is being told and where they’re heading.

Judy Blessing - Market
Research Manager

“...to look beyond our industry, to seek inspiration from others..”


Using consumer awareness to develop innovative concept cars

As a global automotive component and system supplier to major vehicle manufacturers, Visteon base their product development process around an intimate understanding of who their consumer is, how they think and what they need from their driving experience.

Before working on new concept vehicles, they use the Premium Service as an input into “persona” generation – exploring who exactly they’re building the vehicle for and what motivates them.

As well as understanding the consumer of today, part of Judy Blessing’s role is working on vehicle forecasting, looking at who the consumer of the future is. She and her team create Trend Awareness days, showcasing trends and innovation examples to senior decision makers, followed by hands-on workshops to help take trends from theory to reality, applying them to real-life scenarios and business cases.

The Premium Service is part of their overall understanding of consumerism and where it’s heading, adding it their industry experience and the company knowledge pool.

Where trendwatching.com help us, is in allowing us to look beyond our industry, to seek inspiration from other industries that we don’t normally come across in our everyday working lives,” says Judy Blessing, “trends are usually interlinked as they focus on core elements of consumer behavior. In a busy role like mine, having an information source I can call on, with everything already put together, saves time and provides inspiration that we can use immediately.”

Felicity Kelly - Brand Director

“Our clients need to know the crucial trends affecting their business now, and what’s around the corner.”


Looking for trends that resonate with their clients and the opportunities these create for them.

saintnicks is an award-winning marketing communications agency, producing creative campaigns, online content and business consultancy for clients around the world. For them, being close to their clients, understanding what’s important to them and exploring how consumer trends impact their business is crucial.

“Our clients have very specific needs and we use trendwatching.com as a key information source, to add to our understanding of trends and the opportunities they offer” says Felicity Kelly, Brand Director, “we take a wider view of the consumer trend landscape and then bring it down to the client level”.

saintnicks use trendwatching.com’s Premium Service according to their varying needs. They use the Innovations Database to research innovations their clients may be interested in, while Industry Updates provide an industry view of how trends are manifesting in a particular industry, such as Financial Services or Food & Beverage. When planning brand positioning workshops or creating bespoke trend report booklets for their clients, trendwatching.com helps them keep uptodate on the latest trend thinking.

Tatiana Romão - Market Research Manager

“We see Premium as a way of feeding our inspiration as both a research and call to action tool.”

Sonae Sierra

Informing marketers on what trend-related themes need to be addressed

Sonae Sierra is an award-winning international shopping centre specialist based in Portugal. They own, develop and manage centres around the world from Spain to Brazil, Germany to Morocco with 48 centres under their ownership and 70 under management.

trendwatching.com’s Premium service powers several aspects of their activities throughout the year. During annual strategic planning sessions, the Trend Report is a valuable input, providing insights into key trends for the year ahead. On a monthly basis, emailed Monthly Updates and the latest product, service and experience examples from the Innovations Database allow them to adapt their tactical plans to evolving consumer behavior and to address specific issues.

“We see Premium as a way of feeding our inspiration as both research and call to action tool”, says Tatiana Romão, Market Research Manager. “It not only helps our marketing team understand what trend-related issues we should be addressing and which channel to use above and below the line, but also means we can modify our communications and promotions to use the right messages and tone that will resonate best with our consumers. Additionally, the insights are also shared with property managers at our centres that constantly need to be aware of shifts in consumer behavior”.

Bruno Dollo - CEO

“We use the Premium Service as a key source for our innovation-focussed activities such as our internal blog and client innovation workshops. We also explore trendwatching.com’s trends whenever a new brief comes in, to understand the forces shaping consumer behaviour in each case – so that we can always create the most relevant and surprising solutions”

iris router

The best of 2 worlds: the small agency feel backed up by the resources of a global network.

Router is a Brazilian creative agency founded in 2006 and since the very beginning, innovation has always been a hugely important focus of their work. Their success has come from a very structured process aiming to provide a fresh look at their clients’ needs powered by their inhouse experts’ ability to find innovative case examples to push expectations up. They were incorporated by iris, a British Communication Group, in late 2013, a merger that enabled them to be part of a worldwide group and consolidated their solid perspective on innovation amongst the industry.

“We always keep trendwatching.com’s current and previous annual Trend Reports on our table within arm’s reach, to flick through when looking for inspiration or new perspectives and ways to solve client challenges”, says Flávio Particelli, Coordinator of Innovation.

This focus on innovation spreads beyond the dedicated Innovation Team to the whole agency, pushing each other to find and share innovative initiatives they see on a daily basis. This culminates in a weekly meeting every Tuesday morning for everyone to share examples of cool products, services, experiences and campaigns they’ve seen over the past week. They then put these examples into context, relating them to client needs or projects they have been working on and the wider trends they feel these innovations are tapping into, creating the basis for further discussion. A poll at the end of every meeting decides the very best example, which is then featured in their internal blog and later used in an annual compilation which is printed and sent to clients and partners.


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