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    Delight your customers — and your bottom line.

Brands using TW:Premium include

    Anticipate and innovate

    Understand the trends set to shape and disrupt your customers’ expectations. Spot opportunities and turn challenges into winning new products, campaigns and concepts.

    • “My innovation encyclopedia!”

      “My innovation encyclopedia! It has been the foundation of idea shops that link consumer and new business opportunities.”

    • “Helps us to spot the silver linings.”

      “It enables us to be one step ahead and work on future expectations rather than just fulfilling current needs. We get to spot the silver linings when everybody else is still looking at the clouds.”

    • “So useful for strategy sessions.”

      “So useful for strategy sessions. We've been sharing with the wider team and the PPTs are invaluable. Keep the inspiration coming!”

    No more tunnel vision

    Cut through the noise and up your game with fresh ideas, perspectives and approaches that excite and engage.

    • “A different and refreshing perspective.”

      “A different and refreshing perspective on our consumers and the world we live in. Helps us to think outside our usual paradigms and challenges us to look at our brands and consumers in new and different ways.”

    • “Insight across industries.”

      “This is an excellent service and provides huge value to my work, by offering a broad overview and insight on consumer trends and innovations across industries.”

    • “Ensures we don't get complacent.”

      “A brilliant resource, especially as a way to find thought-provoking ideas. Great prompts for inspiration and to make sure we don’t get complacent.”

    Cut time, not corners!

    Find relevant inspiration, build custom reports and validate your proposals without breaking a sweat! All the tools & content you need to differentiate, delight and deliver — in one place.

    • “Ready-to-go presentations!”

      “PPT templates mean I can come away with a ready-to-go presentation. This makes my life so much easier!”

    • “Used straightaway.”

      “All the content can be used straightaway by our innovation teams!”

    • “Time & cost effective.”

      “To have one source for this information is very time and cost effective for us.”

    Get on the same page

    Break down barriers with easy-to-use frameworks, step-by-step manuals and interactive tools built to help secure buy-in, and get your organization on the same page.

    • “We use it at the start of co-creation sessions.”

      “We use it at the start of our co-creation sessions with customers, partners, colleagues and experts to define the right theme and subject. The reports also give us input for strategy sessions and ideas for our innovation roadmap.”

    • “Within 24hrs, we'd deployed within our organisation.”

      “Comprehensive & stimulating! Packed with useful information, further references & thought provoking content. Within 24hrs, we'd deployed within our organisation to support our innovation framework & fuel new ideas. The results speak for themselves.”

    • “Easy for us to apply and share.”

      “The information flow is of really high quality and the toolkits make it easy for us to apply the inspiration and share it within our organisation. Well done!”


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