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What is the difference between your free monthly Trend Briefings and your Premium Service?

Our monthly free publications are obviously a fraction of what we do. While they bring you one new trend a month, our Premium Service gives you access to a full overview of all the trends we're spotting and tracking, must-see examples (products, services, experiences & campaigns) across the world, PDF/PowerPoint reports focusing on the impact of the most important trends on key B2C industries and an APPLY Toolkit that helps you turn all this information into profitable innovations. That's not to mention the 2015 Trend Report, sent to you in both printed and PowerPoint/PDF format! In a nutshell, we are confident that our Premium Service is the number one solution for professionals in need of a complete and constantly updated overview of all the trends, insights and related innovations that matter in the consumer arena today and in the next 12-18 months. In fact, if, after purchasing, you feel that Premium's content isn't what you need, we'll refund you in full.


What can I use your Premium Service for?

Professionals and organisations use the Premium Service to be forever in the know, and use the insights, examples and tools to come up with profitable new goods, services and experiences for (or even better, with) their customers and clients:

  • The Trend Framework and Innovations Database contain 16 major trend themes and up to 100 subtrends. You will also find 10,000+ examples from over 100 countries, providing tangible manifestations of how all our trends are being implemented – and this is kept right up-to-date with up to 200 new examples added each month. These updates are also provided in PowerPoint format, making it easier for you to present and share with colleagues. Also look out for our Trend Handouts, interactive PDFs that clearly and concisely outline and illustrate every trend in the database – helping keep you in the know, in a printable and easy-to-digest format.
  • The Annual Trend Report (2015 edition) provides crucial insights into where consumers around the world will be headed over the forthcoming 12 months; helping you understand, innovate and serve them.
  • Our Quarterly Industry Updates provide you with knowledge and insights related to how our trends impact your industry or sector, giving you instant access to the best industry examples around, as well as the opportunities they may offer you. They are available both in PDF and PowerPoint formats.
  • Our Apply Toolkit helps you to understand how to actually apply trends and insights within your organization.
  • Our Client Services and Research Teams will offer support throughout your membership.

In fact, why not take read our Client Stories and see how other leading brands and agencies are already using our Premium Service?


What is your methodology (and provenance)?

The dedicated Premium team (based out of LondonSão PauloSingaporeNew YorkSydney and Lagos) scans up to 300 business sources on a daily basis, tracking both the latest consumer trends and spotting innovations from brands that are already successfully applying these trends, across all major industries, all over the world. The team also curates the contributions from our 3,000+ spotters in more than 100 countries. Every trend and related innovation ends up in our Trend Framework and Innovations Database, which feature all our trends, 10,000+ examples and industry-specific updates, only accessible to Premium members. And we've been going at this (successfully, may we add ;) for a long time now: our methodology has been fine-tuned for more than 10 years now, while we've managed to continuously grow the number of subscribers to our free content and the number of paying clients. All through word of mouth from satisfied customers. Last but not least, to add some mainstream media credibility to our claims: our trend thinking gets picked up by major international publications such as the New York Times, The Economist and CNN to name just a few (see our In the Media page here for more). Read more about our methodology.


Which trends are covered by your Premium Service?

We focus exclusively on consumer trends; insights on how consumer behaviour and consumer preferences are changing, and how to prepare for, or better, benefit from these changes. How do we actually define a consumer trend? We came up with this years ago (and it still holds pretty well): "A novel manifestation of something that has unlocked or serviced an existing (and hardly ever changing) consumer need, desire, want, or value." The Trend Framework, Innovations Database and Trend Reports cover all our consumer trends and feature the examples we're spotting and tracking. This currently means dozens of trends, 10,000+ examples from brands around the world already capitalizing on these trends, reports outlining how our trends impact your industry, as well as region-specific trends covering Asia and South & Central America. We even give you advice on how to come-up with your own consumer trends and innovations in our comprehensive Apply Toolkit. Everything we offer is continuously updated and available in various formats to give you all the tools you need to actually use our trend content to make more money ;)


Is my industry covered?

Firstly, the Trend Framework, Innovations Database and Annual Trend Reports deal with important changes in consumer needs and wants. As those needs and wants apply to consumers generally, the insights can also be applied across all industries too. The Premium Service is not just relevant to any brand or agency looking to innovate in the B2C arena, but essential for those wanting to look beyond their usual horizons and uncover genuinely novel innovation opportunities. Furthermore, the Innovations Database lets you instantly access examples for specific industries and sectors (to name just a few: automotive, food & beverage, IT, transportation, hospitality, telecom, fashion, architecture, electronics, finance, utilities, retail, media & entertainment and advertising). Last but not least, our Premium Service also includes Quarterly Industry Updates. See more detail here. No wonder then that leading brands, agencies & organisations from every possible industry – in 60+ countries – already have access to our Premium Service. From multi-national companies to ambitious startups and boutique agencies. Business leaders, marketers, researchers, consultants, strategists and anyone else interested in the future of business and consumerism will find the content very applicable.


Is my region covered? And what languages does it come in?

As we said above, the Trend Framework, Innovations Database and 2015 Trend Report deal with important changes in consumer needs and wants. Those needs and wants are increasingly global, so the database and reports are relevant to any brand or agency looking to innovate in the B2C arena, in any consumer society in the world. Indeed, in this global marketplace, brands and agencies that aren't exposed to best practices, on a global level, will quickly be left behind. We therefore scan dozens of business sources from around the world on a daily basis. Now, to ensure truly global coverage, our team of researchers and analysts work out of our London, New York, Singapore, São Paulo and Lagos offices, collaborating with hundreds of on-the-ground spotters (our Insight Network) in 90+ countries. There is also a region-specific trends section within Premium, that focuses on consumer trends that are specific to South & Central America and Asia, with more regions coming soon! All examples found in the Innovations Database can also be filtered by region, to get locally relevant results. Premium Service content is currently available in English only.


Who else is buying?'s consumer trends are truly global in nature, they are internationally sourced and cover the wants and needs of consumers all over the world, who buy and interact with businesses from every industry out there. Therefore, our client base is just as varied. To give you a snapshot: Roughly 28% of Premium clients are based in the US/Canada, 40% in Europe (including Turkey and Russia), 15% in Asia-Pacific, and 17% in South America, the Middle East and (South) Africa. They come from a wide range of industries, which include: automotive, nonprofit, consumer electronics, hospitality, fashion, marketing and retail. Again, the size of business buying ranges from multi-national giants such as Coca-Cola, Samsung, InterContinental Hotels, Google and Omnicom to small regional players, boutique agencies and start-ups. You can view a list of all our clients here, and see what they are saying about us here.

Service Usage


What is the difference between a Standard Premium account and a Large Team Account?

Standard Premium account (US$199 / €149 / £129 per month - billed annually at US$2388 / €1788 / £1548 per year) gives access to one user, but also gives 4 extra logins (as a bonus!) to share with colleagues in a direct team, who are located in the same office and work directly together on a daily basis. All users have full access to everything Premium has to offer, until November 2015. A Large Team Premium account (US$399 / €299 / £259 per month - billed annually at US$4788 / €3588 / £3108 per year) is for up to 15 users. All users have full access to everything Premium has to offer, until November 2015. Click here to find out more and order.


What kind of access and usage will I get, and for how long?

If you order our Premium Service, you will instantly (when paying by credit card or on receipt of payment if paying by invoice / wire transfer) receive your login details. Our Standard Premium account offers a login for an individual user and up to 4 additional logins (as a bonus) for colleagues in the same direct team (who are located in the same office and work together on a daily basis) and our Large Team Premium account gives you and up to 14 colleagues access. Our Trusted Trend Partnerships provide access for multiple teams, departments, offices, countries and regions - up to thousands of users! Once logged in, you'll have instant access to our (constantly updated) Trend Framework, Innovations Database, quarterly Industry Updates, Apply Toolkit and of course the 2015 Trend Report in PowerPoint, PDF and as an exclusive printed edition. If you order now you will receive access until November 2015. Premium content is designed to be flexible, that's why we provide all our reports and Innovations Database examples in PowerPoint (and often PDF) format, too – easy for you to amend, use, incorporate and share.  


Can my colleagues or team use the Premium Service too?

Here's how it works. Premium Service content & tools are for internal use - for you and up to 4 colleagues in your direct team if you buy a Standard account, or up to 14 colleagues with a Large Team account. If a colleague from another team, department, office, country and region needs access as well, we expect him or her to purchase his or her own Premium membership or we would be happy to quote you a bespoke price to expand your existing access to include them. We ask you to respect this 'honor' system, as the alternative would be a very expensive licensing system, pushing up the price of the Premium Service into the thousands of euros, dollars or pounds for everyone. Oh, and to further state the obvious: you cannot repackage/resell the reports without our permission. If you have any questions about how to expand your access just email Sofie Hunt, Client Services Director, at If you're looking for access for many colleagues across teams, departments, offices, countries and regions, check out our Trusted Trend Partnerships.


Can I change, adjust or (internally) incorporate Premium's content?

Yes, you can. In fact, we hope you will! The Premium content that we provide is ready for you to use ‘as is' but has also been specifically designed to offer you flexibility – it can be incorporated, amended, tweaked and reshuffled. For example, not only do you receive our 2015 Trend Report in a printed and PDF version, but also in a fully editable PowerPoint format, leaving it up to you if you want to use/incorporate our content, or adjust it to your own specific needs concerning fonts/visuals/texts/headers and so on. Equally, all examples and updates are published in PowerPoint to allow similar ease of use.


Can I distribute Premium content outside my office/company?

If you're part of an agency or consulting firm, we're more than happy for you to present parts of Premium's content to your clients, but only if you always state the source (""); both verbally and written (the latter by always incorporating as a source on blog posts, slides, in PDFs, videos and so on). However, we hope you understand that you can never resell or repackage the reports (slides, texts and videos) in any possible way without our written consent. The same goes for presenting our content to an external, paying audience (industry conferences, paid workshops etc.).


What if I lose my Premium login details?

Just contact Sofie Hunt (Client Services Director) on

Pricing & Terms of Use


How much does the Premium Service cost?

We're all running a tight ship these days, so you'll be happy to know that we've kept things very affordable: A Standard Premium account (US$199 / €149 / £129 per month - billed annually at US$2388 / €1788 / £1548 per year) gives access to one user, but also gives 4 extra logins (as a bonus!) to share with colleagues in a direct team who are located in the same office and work directly together on a daily basis. All users have full access to everything Premium has to offer, until November 2015. A Large Team Premium account (US$399 / €299 / £259 per month - billed annually at US$4788 / €3588 / £3108 per year) is for up to 15 users. All users have full access to everything Premium has to offer, until November 2015. And yes, this is significantly less than most trend intelligence services out there, but we enjoy a bit of trend democratization ;). Click here to find out more and order. If interested in a larger group than 15 colleagues having access to our Premium content, please email Paul Backman - Head of Client Services, at, to discuss our Trusted Trend Partner solution.


Will I be able to get a refund if the Premium Service doesn't meet my expectations?

Yes! If you feel Premium's database, reports, etc really don't deliver on what we've been promising, then just let us know within four weeks of your purchase and we will refund you in full. However, to avoid any disappointment, we kindly ask you to carefully review our extensive overview of what you'll be purchasing. To get a good feel for Premium's tone of voice, focus and visuals, please check out our monthly free publications. Rest assured that if you enjoy our briefings you will also enjoy our much more extensive Premium Service. If you have any doubts, please email Sofie Hunt - Client Services Director, at She will definitely be able to tell you if the Premium Service is 'for you' or not!


Do you offer discounts to non-profits or universities?

We only have a few Premium memberships available at a discounted price for established / worthy charities, and non-commercial educational institutions. To apply for a discount (please understand we can't guarantee anything), email Sofie Hunt - Client Services Director, at


Do I officially subscribe to the Premium Service?

Premium is not an official 'subscription’ service. Purchasing access to our Premium Service means you buy yourself one year of access to all our trend content and tools until November 2015. We charge a one-time, all-inclusive price of US$199 / €149 / £129 per month (billed annually at US$2388 / €1788 / £1548 per year) for Standard licences for 1 key user and 4 bonus logins within a direct team (colleagues located in the same office who work directly together on a daily basis), and US$399 / €299 / £259 per month (billed annually at US$4788 / €3588 / £3108 per year) for Large Team licenses for 15 users. The nature of the Premium Service means that clients get the best out of the service when they use it over the course of a year. The annual Trend Report is supported by ongoing 24/7 access to the Trend Framework and Innovations Database, which in turn are supported by the monthly Snapshots and quarterly Industry Updates. It is therefore not possible to buy just parts of the service, or just one month (or a few months) of access. For more on how our 1,200+ Premium clients rely on our content and tools for their trend-led innovation needs, see what they are saying about us here.


Email Ellie Damashek, Client Services Director - North America, and she'll get back to you right away. Or call us on +1 (646) 762-2995.

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