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Nikolai Khlopov Managing Partner 42 Agency
" help us immeasurably not only in coming up with ideas but, crucially, in communicating and getting backing for our ideas with our clients."
Michael McGuire Director of Strategy 88 Brand Partners
"Premium is at the heart of critical initiatives within our agency - our agency’s lead generation program, our social networking activities and for internal creative inspiration."
Kirsten Holmes Production Manager Aimia
"The direction of world thinking is captured in the Trend Report – it helped us understand that the aspirations of our customers and our own business are actually the same!"
Cagla Demiralp Trend Management Manager AKBANK
"We find the Premium Service a great resource for tracking today’s and tomorrow’s trends, and a valuable guide for understanding consumer behavior and expectations. It also helps us to see how each trend relates to each other, and how they form the bigger picture. The monthly updates double the service’s value. We share its contents directly with our top management. "
Arne Fangberget Market Research Director Allergruppen
"Really inspirational - I felt that many of the trends were relevant for our line of business, and visually very strong. I presented parts of the report at a strategy seminar for the top management group in our company. "
Jevto Dedijer President Améo
"Before client meetings we dig deep into the reports to present them to our clients who look at us in awe, because we are (or seem to be) so smart and educated about consumer trends. They continue doing business with us and then we have to renew our Premium membership because our clients are used to us being so educated and smart. Guys, if you stop your good work we're dead!"
Apoorv Dwivedi Director Market Insights ATB Financial
"We were very pleasantly surprised by the breadth of reporting and supporting material, and we continue to be pleased with the ongoing updates. The trends and supporting materials are insightful and thought provoking, and to have one source for this information is very time and cost effective for us."
Justin Stone Research Director Bauer Media
"’s annual Trend Report is one of my favourite research tools. Its clever articulation of trends is not only entertaining but invaluable in providing us insights into both consumer behaviour and product development (and what is driving what). It is easily the best trend report I have seen."
Jeffrey Veffer Innovation and Strategy Bell
"This format works well as we can use it to support our thinking and quickly integrate the insights into our presentations. I have used it mostly as a tool to demonstrate other companies' approaches in different markets."
Jason de Kauwe Global Innovation Manager BP
"Very happy with the report. The presentation format worked well for me in explaining and giving working examples of the trend. The trends information forms a very important element of our Innovation Pipeline. All idea generation and concept development should start from a consumer/customer trend, otherwise you need to ask yourself the question, why are we doing this? "
Oi-Lin Man Market Intelligence Canon Europe
"We just finished giving a trend presentation internally, incorporating Premium’s trends and inspirational examples, and as always the presentation was very well received."
Reinaldo Campos Marketing & Strategy Director CIN
"’s Trend Report has been a useful source of insights that enabled us to have a better understanding and approach to customer expectations. Simultaneously it helped us to reinforce our internal analyses and construct more robust solutions to target our market."
Nele van den Broeck Market Researcher Colruyt
"The Premium Service helps us look beyond our walls and see what the world is doing."
Kristel van Dam Sr Investment Strategy Analyst Corio
"’s Premium service is so useful for us to adapt our shopping malls to changing consumer behaviour and to take advantage of future opportunities. Their Trend Report helps us define future drivers for our FMPs."
Saisin Sinsuk Head of Strategic Planning Creative Spike
"Why did we buy’s Premium Service? We love the way you take data from around the world and turn it into very simple yet insightful reports. Understanding consumer trends is very important to us, but being a small local agency makes it challenging to invest in any resources without justification, therefore we treat as part of our team resources, giving ease of access to specific information we need, and not just another general report."
Paul Freeman Marketing Leader Douwe Egberts
"We are very pleased with the report: the content is great and is a good start for idea brainstorming — for individual use and for our whole team."
Flavia Nogueira Planner F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
"We are all big fans of here! In the Planning team, we’re constantly researching trends & looking for different innovation examples to inspire our clients - the Premium Service is our main source of trends, examples and analysis."
Marta Martín Knowledge Manager Gallina Blanca Star
"’s Trend Report is an inspiration source in many ways: for innovation, for understanding lifestyles, for design... it really makes you think about new possibilities for your business."
Jérôme Charlez Research & Strategy Director GeoPost
"It enables us to be one step ahead and work on future expectations rather than just fulfilling current needs. In a way, I wish we could keep the report the best-kept secret in the world, so we get to spot the silver linings when everybody else is still looking at the clouds."
Tina Zhao Designer Haier
"We are very happy with the Premium service and always look forward to the monthly updates for the Innovations Database."
Jens Bode Global Strategic Management Henkel
"’s yearly report is more than a wrap-up – it’s colourful, visual, inspiring and provoking! Also, the PowerPoint format means all the content can be used straightaway by our innovation teams."
Rebecca Huston Strategy Director Huen
"In today’s world, where we don’t always have time to research everything we need to, is my go-to idea bank!"
Tracey Keys Program Manager IMD Business School
"Thoughtful, thought-provoking and extremely well presented. One of the best sources available on emerging consumer trends,'s annual Trend Report has been very valuable input on how organisations translate the global trends reshaping the world of business into today's decision-making. Our participants have also responded to's insights with great enthusiasm! "
Ilene Strongin-Garry Knowledge Management Manager InterContinental Hotels Group
"We always look forward to the release of the new annual Trend Report. We’re using the report for learning, for stimulating discussions, and for presentations. We particularly like the many visuals and examples that support the trends mentioned."
Bruno Dollo CEO iris router
"We use the Premium Service as a key source for our innovation-focussed activities such as our internal blog and client innovation workshops. We also explore’s trends whenever a new brief comes in, to understand the forces shaping consumer behaviour in each case – so that we can always create the most relevant and surprising solutions."
Flávio Particelli Innovation Coordinator iris router
"We always keep’s current and previous annual Trend Reports on our table within arm’s reach to flick through when looking for inspiration or for new perspectives on how to solve client challenges."
Vinícius A. de B. Araújo Research Management Itaú Unibanco
"We run internal workshops to discuss trends with other teams who do not use them on a daily basis, so they can understand the trend-led process and how to keep their eyes open. Being part of the Marketing Intelligence department, we use’s theory and innovation examples to illustrate our internal reports (used by many teams within our bank), helping us tell the innovation story to our staff."


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