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Victoria Loomes

Senior Trend Analyst

Victoria Loomes is a Senior Trend Analyst and manages TrendWatching's Premium content. She regularly delivers insight-packed presentations and workshops on how to analyse and apply trends.

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Some recent love

  • “Engaging and interactive.”

    “Victoria has visited the Academy to provide lectures to professional participants and students. Her ability to tailor the sessions to suit all levels of learners coupled with her engaging and interactive approach to delivery has meant that we have received very positive feedback on both occasions. The lectures were insightful and offered insights into trend development and how to use it.”

  • “A very worth-while event!”

    “We had a workshop with TrendWaching and found it both useful and enjoyable. It provided an overview of trends to come but also gave the tools to discover trends yourself and apply them directly to your own clients. It creating a bonding experience with our participants and set a stage for innovative thinking. A very worth-while event!”

  • “The positive feedback was overwhelming.”

    “The TrendWatching Workshop made a big impact, having brought over the best-in-class. Presenters were well prepared for the audience and setting and the presentation localized. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Most importantly, we achieved our aim of kickstarting the innovation process smoothly, professionally and with full buy-in and commitment from all marketing personnel.”

Media mentions

  • “How Christmas presents got personalised – from selfie champagne to bespoke Nutella”

    Vicki Loomes, who studies fads for the agency TrendWatching, thinks “consumers’ experiences on apps that learn purchasing behaviour are driving expectations around personalisation”. She adds: “Manufacturing technologies that allow ever-shorter production times and made-to-order products are allowing the physical world to catch up.”

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  • “Can companies make us better citizens?”

    Vicki Loomes, an analyst at consultancy Trendwatching, says: "If companies are going to campaign on an issue, it needs to be something they are invested in long-term and aligned with what they do. "She adds: "It cannot be a three-month marketing campaign, talking about something like immigration, simply because it is the most newsworthy topic going around."

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  • “Consumer trends for 2016”

    From new frontiers for tech-fueled health and wellness, to innovative pricing plays, to new ways to seek and display status, opportunities abound for health and fitness clubs to discover new customers, build stronger relationships, and profit.

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