Henry Mason

Managing Director

Henry Mason is an experienced and sought-after keynote speaker and author of Trend-Driven Innovation.

In the past 3 years, Henry has given over 50 keynote presentations in more than 25 countries across 6 continents, and is also regularly quoted in leading business publications.

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Some recent love

  • “He opened participants' eyes to new possibilities.”

    “We were very fortunate to have Henry in our market. Certainly his understanding of the impact of trends in the marketing and business environment was superb. His views and ideas opened participants' eyes into new ventures and multiple possibilities. Thank you for your support.”

  • “Delivered with energy and style!”

    “The group enjoyed both the presentation and the workshop. They were well prepared and professionally delivered with energy and style. The post-session reaction was very positive.”

  • “Impressed at how relevant and tailored the session was.”

    “We were all impressed with the research Henry presented, especially at the number of Asia trends and examples he included to ensure the session stayed relevant and tailored for us.”

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Media mentions

  • “Three things digital marketers need to know about consumers in 2016”

    Look past the clichés about how “business as usual is over” and “the relentless pace of change” and you’ll see the great paradox in today’s business arena: the truly exceptional has become wholly unexceptional. Indeed, the one constant is that customers share a common mindset: astonishingly elevated expectations, applied ruthlessly to each and every business, product, service or experience available.

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  • “Why agencies shouldn't lead on innovation”

    Henry Mason, managing director of TrendWatching, thinks this is critical: “Too many companies forget to answer the real question: why are they doing something? Before you give people the space and freedom to ‘do something’, ask yourself, do you – and they – really know what they are trying to achieve in the medium to long term? ”

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  • “Tüketicinizi Tanıyamıyorsanız”

    Demografik yapıların birbirine girdiği bir dünyada tüketiciye ulaşabilmenin yolları

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