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Some recent love

  • “Hugely engaging and high marks from attendees.”

    “Maxwell’s ability to tailor content on consumer trends and connect with different audiences in the beauty industry exceeded our expectations. The presentation was hugely engaging and he received high marks from our attendees. ”

  • “Acacia delivered an amazing presentation”

    “Acacia delivered an amazing presentation at Retail's Cutting Edge Hong Kong! The insights and trends she offered to the audience were extremely valuable and the energy that she brought to the stage created a vibrant and exciting mood for the day.”

  • “Acacia shared very inspirational content during our session”

    “Acacia shared very inspirational content during our session. Despites the pressures of having a very demanding team, she was able to adapt her content and delivery to the audience, making our workshop very successful and engaging. I will definitely consider to use Trendwatching again and of course have Acacia as our facilitator!”

  • “I have not had such rampant feedback about a presentation.”

    “David delivered an awesome keynote. I have not in my experience had such rampant feedback about a presentation. His excellent talk got our day off on the right foot, and the momentum carried from there.”

  • “Acacia was fantastic, everybody loved her.”

    “Acacia was fantastic, everybody loved her. Her punchy session on Asian trends and innovations was one of the most popular throughout the conference.”

  • “No hesitation in booking Henry as a speaker.”

    “What I like about Henry's presentations is that they help you put examples into context, and help you understand the ‘why?', essential if you then want to go back and create great work yourself. I'd have no hesitation in booking Henry as a speaker, and I look forward to working with him and the TrendWatching team in the future. ”

  • “Henry was an outstanding speaker.”

    “Henry was an outstanding speaker. He presented at two sessions and received high marks from all in attendance. Representative comments included: 'Very succinct. My favorite breakout session.', 'One of the most interesting breakouts of the 20 sessions I attended.' and 'Extremely interesting. Takeaways really resonated.’”

  • “Personalized and fully relevant.”

    “Luciana understood our needs and delivered a personalized and fully relevant session. We saw many new trends and, more than that, now we can work with the Consumer Trend Canvas and find new ways to apply the trends.”

  • “Our audience got a huge amount.”

    “David provided an inspiring presentation on trends and innovations relevant to our key markets, fitting in really well with the theme and spirit of our conference. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Later presentations referred back to it so I know our audience got a huge amount from the session.”

  • “Captured everyone from the first second.”

    “Henry opened the conference and captured everyone from the first second with sharp, on-point and easily convertible insights into innovation and day-to-day changes in teams and organizations. The feedback was absolutely top across all delegates and I can highly recommend Henry for future conferences. ”

  • “Really appreciated the rich content”

    “Acacia's energy and confident presence on stage was a fresh addition to the program. The audience, mainly businessmen and senior executives in retail, really appreciated the rich content and the lively and interesting way it was I presented.”

  • “Some of the best forecasting presentations we have seen.”

    “Henry has given some of the best forecasting presentations we have seen in quite some time. Each time he has presented, he made us think. He inspired us. He gave us tangible examples of trends to consider in our quest to help our clients. He demonstrated his thorough knowledge of the subject matter, and delivered it in a comfortable and entertaining style. I’ve been a fan of Trendwatching’s work for a long time. The work is outstanding.”


6 Keynote Topics

  • 1. Trend-Driven Innovation: turn overwhelm into opportunity

    Start beating accelerating customer expectations through an engaging crash course in our Trend-Driven Innovation methodology—encapsulated in our book by the same name.

  • 2. Crucial Consumer Trends for 2017, 2018, and beyond

    Take a fast-paced tour of the consumer trends and innovations that need to be on your radar for the remainder of 2017, for 2018, and beyond.

  • 3. Key Consumer Trends and... <insert your industry here>

    From Retail to Financial Services, and Travel to Telecoms, understand the key consumer trends that are defining your own industry and your customers’ expectations as we speak.

  • 4. The Demise of Demographics

    Our keynote on 'Post-Demographic Consumerism', with the latest examples and innovations from around the world, will help you understand how the most successful B2C brands are thriving by throwing out the traditional (and tired) demographic models of consumer behavior.

  • 5. Tap into the Global Brain

    Learn how we leverage tw:in, our glocal spotter network, to keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of global innovation, and more importantly, learn how you can do the same for and within your own organization or agency.

  • 6. Humans > Technology

    Go beyond the endless shiny new tech gadgets and fads, and learn how to apply technologies in your products and services that will give you and your customers meaningful benefits.

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