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Some recent love

  • “A fundamental pillar of our success.”

    “We are surfing the Trend-Driven Innovation wave! The support we've received throughout this year and a half via workshops, custom deep dives and tailor made presentations has been a fundamental pillar of our success. We are launching new products born in the cradle of consumer trends.”

  • “Captured everyone from the first second.”

    “Henry opened the conference and captured everyone from the first second with sharp, on-point and easily convertible insights into innovation and day-to-day changes in teams and organizations. The feedback was absolutely top across all delegates and I can highly recommend Henry for future conferences. ”

  • “Hugely engaging and high marks from attendees.”

    “Maxwell’s ability to tailor content on consumer trends and connect with different audiences in the beauty industry exceeded our expectations. The presentation was hugely engaging and he received high marks from our attendees. ”

  • “Personalized and fully relevant.”

    “Luciana understood our needs and delivered a personalized and fully relevant session. We saw many new trends and more than that: now we can work with the Consumer Trend Canvas and find new ways to apply the trends.”

  • “Our audience got a huge amount.”

    “David provided an inspiring presentation on trends and innovations relevant to our key markets, fitting in really well with the theme and spirit of our conference. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Later presentations referred back to it so I know our audience got a huge amount from the session.”

  • “The positive feedback was overwhelming.”

    “The TrendWatching Workshop made a big impact, having brought over the best-in-class. Presenters were well prepared for the audience and setting, and the presentation was localized. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Most importantly, we achieved our aim of kickstarting the innovation process smoothly, professionally and with full buy-in and commitment from all marketing personnel.”

  • “Henry was an outstanding speaker.”

    “Henry was an outstanding speaker. He presented at two sessions and received high marks from all in attendance. Representative comments included: 'Very succinct. My favorite breakout session.', 'One of the most interesting breakouts of the 20 sessions I attended.' and 'Extremely interesting. Takeaways really resonated.’”

  • “Brilliant presentation. The execution was impeccable.”

    “I would like to commend Lola on a brilliant presentation. The execution was impeccable as well as the attention to detail. The level of professionalism displayed was faultless. We will definitely look at doing another session in the future.”

  • “Very exciting and powerful!”

    “Delia inspired all our marketers from around the world by showing them the latest global trends, how to recognise them, as well as guiding us through the streets of Berlin on a Trends Safari, to spot more trends. She did a great job and her interactive session was ranked as the best part of our full marketing convention by all participants. Very exciting and powerful!”

  • “We couldn’t have asked for a better keynote!”

    “Having Maxwell be a part of our conference to present consumer trends was one of the best decisions we could have made! He educated our audience, kept them entertained and left them with new ideas to take back to their office. We couldn’t have asked for a better keynote!”

  • “Unlocked some really great creative thinking.”

    “Delia’s interactive and thought-provoking presentation and the ensuing workshop using TrendWatching’s Consumer Trend Canvas unlocked some really great creative thinking. What’s more it’s something we can easily replicate both internally and with our clients. A win-win.”

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