For 10 years we've been working smart and hard - getting our independent & opinionated voice heard right across the business world. Working here means you can get stuck in right away, have your ideas heard, work in collaboration with a young, dynamic and motivated global team, and make a difference.
So, if you like what we do and want to give 100% (and enjoy yourself while you're doing it!), we are currently looking for talented professionals who meet the standard to join our offices as soon as possible!

Senior Trend Analyst / Trend Thinker

One of the best jobs currently available in the industry: We're looking for a brilliant, passionate Senior Trend Analyst / Trend Thinker to join our London team.

Freelance Web Developer

We’re looking for a dedicated, focussed web developer to join our small London-based tech team on a contract basis for various front-end projects. Don't expect endless meetings - we're all about output (and doing it exceptionally, efficiently and creatively).

Trend Researcher

Want to research and write about emerging Asian consumer trends? If you have 3+ years relevant experience and are obsessed with business and consumerism (in Asia), then find out more about this exciting role.

Asian Correspondents

As part of our expansion in Asia, we have openings for freelance correspondents to contribute to our Asia Trend Bulletins. So, if you’re a top quality writer who’s keen to get ‘heard’, we might have just the position for you.