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Agencies using TW:Premium include

    Keep up with the new consumer

    Forget conventional (yet increasingly ineffective) approaches to uncovering what consumers want & how they behave. Shake things up with totally novel and surprising insights that help you truly get under the skin of the new consumer.

    • “The most relevant and surprising solutions.”

      “A key source for our innovation-focused activities. We explore the trends whenever a new brief comes in, to understand the forces shaping consumer behaviour in each case – so that we can always create the most relevant and surprising solutions.”

    • “New ideas that lead to customer satisfaction.”

      “So many different and useful reports and tools that enable us to develop our business by collecting insights about the changing trends. These insights enable us to build new ideas leading to customer satisfaction in return.”

    • “Comfort in this fast-evolving, ever-changing world.”

      “A wonderful tool for research, for thought provocation, for developing both strategic and creative direction and for comfort in this fast-evolving, ever-changing world. I'll be renewing in a heartbeat.”

    Generate award-winning ideas

    Say goodbye to creative block with fresh perspectives and inspiration on tap — guaranteed to help you nail the brief.

    • “Great content & ideas for brainstorming.”

      “Great content & brainstorming ideas. Our strategic planners use it to come up with fresh client strategy, while our creatives, designers & activation teams turn the insights into creative campaigns.”

    • “One of the best sources for inspiration.”

      “One of the best sources for inspiration I have found. We use the tool a lot, so renewing was a no-brainer!”

    • “My go-to idea bank!”

      “In today’s world, where we don’t always have time to research everything we need to, TW:Premium is my go-to idea bank!”

    Power your pitches & proposals

    Make last minute pitch panic a thing of the past with extensive cross-industry foresight, thousands of actionable innovation examples & ready-to-go PPT slides to back up your proposals.

    • “A critical tool.”

      “A critical tool for presentations with clients, internal agency meetings, and project brainstorms. Brilliantly packaged for our search, discovery, and consumption. Huge, huge fan of this service!”

    • “Easily worth the annual subscription investment.”

      “Recently a client (at the 11th hour) asked I add three more hours of content to a planning session. I turned to TW:Premium and was able to easily incorporate the prepared information into my talk. This one-time need was EASILY worth the annual subscription investment. Thank you!”

    • “Deep insights per market, sector & region.”

      “Deep insights per market, sector & region. We've been using TW:Premium for many years now! ”

    Reclaim your time

    Drastically reduce the time you spend on research, discovery and analysis so you can focus on translating insights into powerful and compelling concepts for your clients instead.

    • “Saved us lots of time & our clients money!”

      “Premium has saved us lots of time - and our clients money too! It’s reliable intelligence for the global spectrum, with local relevance.”

    • “I can quickly pull interesting examples.”

      “I can quickly pull interesting examples to share with my internal teams and to delight clients.”

    • “Extremely useful and saves us time.”

      “Extremely useful and saves us time: we now grab the filtered examples and drop them straight into our client updates.”


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