Sydney Trend Event
The Museum of Contemporary Art  •  21 August 2018  •  08:30 - 13:00

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2019 is on the horizon, picking up pace, here sooner than you think ;)

Peak-planning season is nigh and we are excited to return to Sydney, right on time, to present the most impactful 2019 consumer trends and deliver actionable insights to you and your team.

Inside one super-focused, trend-driven, half-day session David Mattin, Acacia Leroy, and Nathania Christy will get you completely in the know, prepped and ready to prosper in 2019.

What 21 August will bring

  • 1 The trends for 2019

    Experience the most opportunity-rich consumer trends for 2019, brought to life on-stage; big picture, tightly curated, and ready to apply as you make plans to prosper next year.

  • 2 Insight and opportunity

    Grasp the opportunities that next year presents to your organization, illustrated across dozens of real-world innovation examples, neatly wrapped up inside four future-focused sessions.

  • 3 A fast track

    Save time on reading endless trend reports; just spend three hours to jump on the fast track to planning nirvana for 2019.

  • 4 Decks

    Receive a digital download of everything presented on the day.

For you, and your team

Joining us in Sydney on 21 August will give you and your team the inspiration, foresight and focus required to glide through 2019 planning, and get ready to execute.

From the latest CX innovations to Asia’s retail revolution to 2019's social, cultural, technological and demographic shifts, our speakers will deliver a 360° view of the consumer landscape, in just one morning. No paid speaking slots, no sales pitches, no panels. It’s going to be explosive.

With best-in-class innovation tracked by our global network of spotters, get inspired by Alibaba, the NSW Government (yes, government!), Nike, Singtel, Absolut and startups you don’t yet know of, but you won’t soon forget!

If you're craving an unholy quantity of actionable insights from TrendWatching and you're forever short of time, this morning truly is for you.


  • 8.30-9:00

      Registration, coffee or tea

    • 9:00-10:45


      Your market and your competitors have gone through a relentless digital transformation and many are scrambling. Yet the consumer retains their core human needs. Join Global Head of Trends & Insights, David Mattin, as he identifies 5 trends (points of tension and opportunity) so that you can seize on tech-driven disruption and thrive in 2019.

    • 10:45-11:30

        Quick break!

      • 11:30-12:15


        In 2018, trust continued its decline across four key institutions in Australia (media, business, government and NGOs) and one thing became urgently clear. Brands must react, fast! Join Head of TrendWatching's Insight Network Nathania Christy as she dives into 5 trends that can repair and rebuild your relationship with your customer in 2019.

      • 12:15-13:00


        An exclusive dispatch from Acacia Leroy, our Singapore-based APAC trend expert, unveiling and unpacking the top 5 tech and customer experience trends set to impact consumer expectations in Asia Pacific and Australasia.

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      Super Early Bird ticket price for Sydney is only A$599

      For group rates, payment queries, or anything else, please contact our Sydney Event Manager, Anton Björklund, at anton@trendwatching.com.


      Museum of Contemporary Art

      Beautifully located at Sydney's Circular Quay, the Museum of Contemporary Art will host our event on 21 August 2018.

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      What Sydney attendees said last time around

      • “Awesome material”

        “A well-structured and inspiring day with awesome, actionable material.”

      • “Excellent seminar”

        “Excellent seminar, lively speakers; now it's time to build great plans for the year ahead.”

      • “Thought-provoking & actionable”

        “A thought-provoking, actionable day offering inspiration and insight.”

      • “Brilliant speakers”

        “The speakers were brilliant, very engaging. We'll start applying the trends they presented as soon as we get back to the office. ”

      • “Truly inspirational!”

        “A truly inspirational day, jam-packed with new insights about our market and others.”

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