London Trend Event
LSO St Luke's  •  4 October 2018  •  08:30 - 13:00

2019 is on the horizon, picking up pace, here sooner than you think ;)

Our London team is excited to bring you the most impactful 2019 consumer trends and deliver actionable insights to you and your team, early October, still in time for some serious 2019 ideation.

Inside one super-focused, trend-driven, half-day session, David Mattin, Acacia Leroy, and Henry Mason will get you completely in the know, prepped and ready to prosper in 2019.

What 4 October will bring

  • 1 The trends for 2019

    Experience the most opportunity-rich consumer trends for 2019, brought to life on-stage; big picture, tightly curated, and ready to apply as you make plans to prosper next year.

  • 2 Insight and opportunity

    Grasp the opportunities that next year presents to your organization, illustrated across dozens of real-world innovation examples, neatly wrapped up inside four future-focused sessions.

  • 3 A fast track

    Save time on reading endless trend reports; just spend three hours to jump on the fast track to Ideation Nirvana for 2019.

  • 4 Decks

    Receive a digital download of everything presented on the day.

For you, and your team

Joining us in London on 4 October will give you and your team the inspiration, foresight and focus to feel truly excited about the new year.

From the latest CX innovations to Asian tech developments to 2019's social, cultural and demographic shifts, our speakers will deliver a 360° view of the consumer landscape, in just one morning. No paid speaking slots, no sales pitches, no panels.

If you're craving new, actionable insights from TrendWatching's core teams and 1,000+ spotters, and you're forever short of time, this morning truly is for you.

    London Tickets

    Super Early Bird ticket price for London is only £349

    For group rates, payment queries, or anything else, please contact our London Event Manager, Anton Björklund, at anton@trendwatching.com.


    LSO St Luke's

    Located on Old Street, at the heart of the City, LSO St Luke’s is arguably one of the most striking event spaces in London and will host our London Trend Event on 4 October 2018.

    Some of the brands (and agencies) that joined our past, sold-out events in London

    Here's what some of them said

    • “Brilliant content”

      “Brilliant conference content but the real trick is TrendWatching’s ability to make it relevant to the audience.”

    • “A thorough tour”

      “Good all-round – not only giving us a thorough tour of current, interesting and relevant trends but also lessons in how to spot trends and how to apply them. ”

    • “A great morning”

      “Highly interesting and fresh content, it was a whirlwind tour and a great morning of learning and networking.”

    • “Good crowd”

      “I really got a feeling for what’s new and have met many interesting people from all over the world. Good crowd! ”

    • “Thought-provoking”

      “Very thought-provoking. The event gave us a real competitive advantage to have a strong view on trends.”

    • “Fantastic day”

      “Fantastic day with very interesting presentations on new, trend-driven opportunities for our agency.”

    • “Inspiring and actionable!”

      “Understanding consumer trends is essential, this event was worthwhile, inspiring and actionable!”

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