TEAM WEEK – it's a wrap

Since the turn of the year, TrendWatching has been growing at a rapid rate. This week, new starters from our New York and Singapore offices packed their bags for Europe, as Amsterdam and London played host to a week of socialising, strategising and summer sun. Not a bad way to get the creative juices flowing, I think you’ll agree!

QUARTERLY – Meet Sav-R and Seiz-R

Over on our Facebook page, you can meet two characters that embody either side of the Future of CX: Sav-R and Seiz-R. These two all-seeing, all-knowing robots will be at your beck and call over the coming weeks to answer YOUR questions about saving attention, seizing attention, and succeeding in navigating 2017, 2018 and beyond. Make sure you’re following, so you can join the debate.

Premium – Webinar week kicks off today!

This week sees our experts dive deep into some industry-specific content surrounding The Future of Customer Experience, exclusively for our Premium clients. Health, Food & Beverage, Retail, Travel and Financial Services get the special treatment this time round.

Premium: 16 Industry Updates published

This month, all 16 Industry Updates offer a unique industry perspective on The Future of Customer Experience. Clients (and now readers of our free content, too) already know that time-starved consumers are precious about their attention, and that every touchpoint must either SAVE or SEIZE it – now discover how brands in your industry are already responding. Interested? Learn more here

MEDIA: David Mattin on the Between Worlds podcast

Whether it be Brexit, terrorism or a tumultuous general election – the UK seems to be a crucible for many of the global forces that threaten to overturn the status quo. To get a better sense of what all that might mean for 21st century companies, Mike Walsh – renowned futurist and host of the Between Worlds podcast – had a conversation with David Mattin, our Global Head of Trends & Insights. Tune in here.

TrendWatching Quarterly, Issue 2: The Future of CX

Your customer is precious about how she spends her attention. Are you saving or seizing it? Read the full report right here.

The Future of Customer Experience is here

This week, we announced the theme for Issue 2 of TrendWatching Quarterly: The Future of Customer Experience. The full publication is released June 12th – subscribe now for updates and exclusive content.

MEDIA: David Mattin on Trump and the Paris Agreement

“Trump has ditched the Paris climate agreement. Enlightened brands will see a massive opportunity to step up, innovate and win the future.” Read more.

LIVE: June update

Yep, it’s another worldwide spread for our speakers this month. David Mattin parachutes into Graz, Austria for the highly-acclaimed Fifteen Seconds Festival on June 8th, while Lola Pedro arrives in Windhoek, Namibia for Start-Up Festival 2017. Later in the month, Vicki Loomes returns to Coca-Cola’s Middle Eastern offices, based in Israel’s Bnei Brak, for a day of workshops and presentations. Got an event coming up that needs a TrendWatching take? Get in touch.

PREMIUM: TrendWatching Quarterly, Issue 2

Clients of our Premium service have got exclusive access to all-new material, set to be published for the public on June 12th. Want to be among the first to know outside of our client base? Subscribe here.

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