Premium – new client update!

The past two weeks have seen us welcome 19 new clients from 14 different countries, including Vodafone (UK), Tetrapak (Brazil) and Sabre (USA). Take a glimpse of what’s on offer to them here


LIVE: Two more bookings confirmed

Max Luthy, our Director of Trends, has been secured for CUTech Inc.’s event in Miami on May 2nd, while our entire Singapore team prepare for an event in partnership with MediaCom on Friday 31st March – diving into our latest publication, TRUTHFUL CONSUMERISM. Check our calendar for a full run-down of our 2017 plans.

Introducing TrendWatching Quarterly: The Post-Truth Issue!

After weeks of secrecy, today we can finally unveil our new-look free content: TrendWatching Quarterly. The first issue dives into the concept of TRUTHFUL CONSUMERISM, aka the future of consumerism in a new age of populism, polarization and post-truth.

STATS: 1278 new subscribers in the last two weeks

Spread out over 60+ countries, we continued to build our subscriber base ahead of our new free content and live offerings (you can join the list here). This time period also saw 89,642 unique page views across our whole site.

TW:LIVE – Max Luthy leads a webinar for SFK

Max, who heads up our North American office, explores the 5 trends that are already redefining consumer expectations in 2017. Sign up here; it kicks off at 1pm ET today.

TW:Premium – March’s Industry Updates have been published!

16 bespoke reports that deep dive into the trends and innovations shaping industries the world over. Available exclusively to Premium clients from today.

TW:Premium - new client update!

The last week has seen us welcome 10 new clients to the TW:Premium fold, from 10 different nations – including Mexico’s Collective and Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

TW:LIVE – Lola Pedro is in Johannesburg for a workshop

Today, our Africa Regional Director is hosted by the Tsebo Outsourcing Group for a half-day of future-focused trend-thinking (and action!).

TW:Premium – our new free content released to clients!

Our free content is changing. For the general public, the date for the launch is March 21st. For our clients? Now.

TW:LIVE – Three more gigs pencilled in for the coming weeks!

Vicki Loomes will be speaking at the Passenger Experience Conference (Hamburg, DE) on April 4th; Victoria Foster will be appearing at the Marketing Summit Belgrade on May 23rd; Delia Dumitrescu heads to the Slovenian Marketing Conference in Portorož on May 30-31st.

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