• Enterprise Training

    Prepare your people and business for the future, and start innovating for impact with our scalable training Academy.

  • Get ahead, stay ahead

    Learn the why and how of spotting consumer trends, both within and outside of your industry.

  • Develop strategic skills

    Identify and prioritize your business challenges and the trends most relevant to your future.

  • Generate innovations

    Explore your customers’ future expectations, and unlock new innovation ideas for your business.

  • Empower your culture

    Catalyze a creative culture of consumer trends and innovation within your teams.

Made for your business

  • Tried & Tested

    Rooted in our Trend-Driven Innovation method, our Academy uses tools and techniques trusted by 1,000s of global brands—from Google, to Singtel, to Unilever.

  • Scalable

    Built to suit any size of team, from 1 to 250K people, and designed to fit with your existing L&D curriculums.

  • Snackable

    Created for busy schedules likes yours, each session is broken out into digestible segments.

  • Customizable

    Whether in Amsterdam, Singapore, New York or beyond, our Academy team is here to create a bespoke curriculum tailored to your brand and business goals.

Take it from the experienced

  • “An important launchpad.”

    “The team at TrendWatching provides content and tools that capture shifts in consumer behavior. They give businesses an important launchpad to shape ideas, develop new business models, and offer unique value-propositions to customers.”

  • “I've learned how to make innovations consumer centric.”

    “Before this program, I thought innovation was all about increasing profit. Now, I've also learned how to make innovations consumer centric for real growth.”

  • “This program has provided the credibility I needed to step it up.”

    “Taking this program has provided the credibility I needed to be able to step it up, and it gave me the confidence to build and run a trend presentation for my company, which is something I'd never done before. ”

  • “An attractive and dynamic training program.”

    “You’ve created an attractive and dynamic training program. The people presenting the information were great at transmitting passion and knowledge of the topic.”

Bring in the experts

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