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Take it from the experienced

  • “An important launchpad.”

    “The team at TrendWatching provides content and tools that capture shifts in consumer behavior. They give businesses an important launchpad to shape ideas, develop new business models, and offer unique value-propositions to customers.”

  • “The positive feedback was overwhelming.”

    “The TrendWatching Workshop made a big impact, having brought over the best-in-class. Presenters were well prepared for the audience and setting, and the presentation was localized. The positive feedback was overwhelming. Most importantly, we achieved our aim of kickstarting the innovation process smoothly, professionally and with full buy-in and commitment from all marketing personnel.”

  • “A fundamental pillar of our success.”

    “We are surfing the Trend-Driven Innovation wave! The support we've received throughout this year and a half via workshops, custom deep dives and tailor made presentations has been a fundamental pillar of our success. We are launching new products born in the cradle of consumer trends.”

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