Our Core Team


  • Henry Mason

    Managing Director

    Henry Mason runs the company on a daily basis, and is also responsible for the entire research and analysis team. He's available for comment and speaking engagements. Henry has been quoted in numerous business publications, including The Guardian, The New York Times, The Financial Times, El Pais and The Economist, has spoken at business conferences in more than 20 countries, and has appeared on television networks such as CNBC, Al Jazeera and Globo News. Henry holds a first class degree in Politics & International Relations from the University of Nottingham. He can be emailed at henry@trendwatching.com.

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  • Paul Backman


    Paul Backman is trendwatching.com’s Chief Client Officer (CCO). Paul has worked in Client Services for technology and trend organisations for many years, having previously lived and worked in Japan. He can be reached by phone on +44 20 7251 6811 or emailed at paul@trendwatching.com

  • David Mattin

    Head of Trends & Insights

    David Mattin is responsible for trend thinking across free and Premium content. He started his career on the features desk at The Times in London, and has written and presented documentaries for BBC Radio. His business, innovation and consumer insight journalism has appeared in a wide range of broadsheet newspapers and magazines.

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  • Cath Carver

    LIVE Director

    Cath Carver is trendwatching.com’s LIVE Director. She manages our Trend Presentations, Workshops and events - including the Trend Seminars (in more than a dozen countries worldwide). She also helps manage the monthly Trend Briefings and Trend Bulletins as an editor, in marketing, and to coordinate their publication and translation. She has worked in fashion, marketing and online communications for British and Italian brands, and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion. She can be emailed at cath@trendwatching.com.

  • Sofie Hunt

    Client Services Director

    Sofie Hunt is trendwatching.com's Client Services Director. Since studying photography at university, Sofie has worked in client service roles within the science and finance industries, as well as setting up her own bespoke cake & events service. She can be reached by phone on +44 20 7251 6811 or emailed at sofie@trendwatching.com.

  • Maxwell Luthy

    Sr. Trend Strategist & Happy Spotting Director

    Maxwell Luthy is a Sr. Trend Strategist for trendwatching.com Premium, and coordinates the company's Happy Spotting network. After graduating from Bristol with a degree in Economics and History, he started his marketing career in a London advertising agency. He has also worked as a proofreader/jury wrangler for Cannes Lions, and as a freelance social media consultant.

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  • Delia Dumitrescu

    Lead Innovation Architect

    Delia Dumitrescu is responsible for developing and delivering trendwatching.com’s innovation workshop content. She has worked in innovation consultancy and trend translation for automotive brands, and led workshops for audiences across Europe. She has authored several books including Road Trip to Innovation.

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  • Victoria Loomes

    Trend Analyst

    Victoria Loomes is a Trend Analyst for trendwatching.com. After graduating from the London College of Fashion, she has worked as a freelance writer, copywriter and sub-editor for a variety of international brands.

  • Victoria Foster

    Community Manager - Happy Spotting

    Victoria Foster is the Junior Community Manager for the Happy Spotting network. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design from London College of Communication, she worked for the Financial Times, and set up a social enterprise.

  • Maria Isabel Reyes


    Maria Isabel Reyes is one of the lead designers at trendwatching.com. Maria oversees most of the content across our web including all our free publications, as well as our regular updates for Premium Clients. Maria holds a first class degree in Product Design from the National University of Colombia and a MA with distinction in Digital Culture from KCL. Maria has experience in a wide range of fields including display design, front-end design, web development and information visualization working for big firms and start-ups across the UK. She also has entrepreneur experience setting-up her own independent fashion media for emerging designers in Bogotá.

  • Tianzheng Yu


    Tianzheng Yu, Designer at trendwatching.com. Tianzheng has worked in design, advertising and branding in the UK and China. She holds a Masters Degree in Design Studies from Central Saint Martins Art and Design College, and a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication from Donghua University.

  • Amie Marsh

    Junior Designer

    Amie Marsh, Junior designer at Trendwatching.com. Amie graduated from Coventry University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. She has experience in exhibit design, advertising and branding.

  • Benjamin Plant

    Marketing Manager

    Benjamin Plant is trendwatching.com's Marketing Manager. He studied International Communications in the Netherlands and Japanese at Nanzan University, Nagoya. Before joining trendwatching.com, he worked for a consumer intelligence agency in Tokyo.

  • Kathleen McVey

    Client Services Coordinator

    Kathleen McVey holds a degree in International Business from the University of Strathclyde. Since graduating she has gained experience in PR and marketing projects in Glasgow and London.

  • Sacha Wheeler

    Head of Technology

    Sacha Wheeler is in charge of Technical Development at trendwatching.com. He has 'A' levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Statistics, degrees in Fine Art (Parson's School of Design) and Philosophy (University of New Mexico), and has been a CTO / Head of Technology for online businesses and startups since 1996.

  • Alice Revel


    Alice Revel is a freelance Writer/Researcher for trendwatching.com Premium. Since graduating from UCL with a degree in French and Italian, she has worked in writing and trend research, as well as setting up an online magazine.

  • Tim Pitts

    CSO - Springwise

    Tim Pitts is responsible for overseeing all ongoing projects at Springwise New Business Ideas, trendwatching.com's sister-site. After graduating with a degree in French & Politics, Tim worked as an account manager at some of the UK's leading advertising agencies.

  • Chris Kreinczes

    Managing Director - Springwise

    Chris Kreinczes is Managing Director of Springwise New Business Ideas, trendwatching.com's sister-site.

New York - São Paulo - Singapore - Sydney - Lagos

  • Ellie Damashek

    Client Services Director – North America

    Ellie Damashek is trendwatching.com’s Client Services Director for North America. She has lived and studied in the US, Japan and China. Having returned to New York City, she worked as a planner and strategist for top advertising agencies, building strong client relationships and helping brands identify, understand and apply consumer trends across established and emerging media platforms. She can be reached by phone on +1 (646) 762-2995 or emailed at ellie@trendwatching.com.

  • Luciana Stein

    Lead Trend Strategist - South & Central America

    Luciana Stein is Lead Trend Strategist - South & Central America. Based in São Paulo, she is available for speaking engagements and workshops. She has been researching and writing about consumer trends as a journalist for the last nine years. She can be emailed at luciana@trendwatching.com.

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  • Nathalia Souto

    Client Services Director - South & Central America

    Nathalia Souto is trendwatching.com’s Client Services Director for South & Central America. Graduating in Advertising and with a postgraduate qualification in Globalization and Culture, she has experience in advertising agencies, publishing, entertainment and tourism. A Portuguese, English and Spanish speaker, She can be reached by phone on +55 11 3083-5401 or emailed at nathalia@trendwatching.com.

  • Rebeca de Moraes

    Trend Researcher

    Rebeca de Moraes has a grade in journalism, and worked for over 7 years at publications like Meio & Mensagem, Valor Economico, Folha de São Paulo and R7, writing about Brazilian and South American consumer lifestyles, before joining trendwatching.com as a Trend Researcher.

  • Josephine Yeo

    Client Services Director – Asia Pacific

    Josephine Yeo is trendwatching.com’s Client Services Director for Asia Pacific. She has strong multi-industry experience, having worked for major corporations and communication agencies and enjoys building successful relationships with both colleagues and clients. Having travelled through Europe and across Asia, Jo can be reached by phone on +65 6602 8280 or emailed at josephine@trendwatching.com.

  • Lola Pedro

    Regional Director - Africa

    Lola Pedro is Africa Regional Director at trendwatching.com. Based in Lagos, Nigeria she oversees all sub-Sahara Africa regional content and also coordinates industry-specific research and analysis across trendwatching.com's Premium service. Lola started her career in New York and then lived in Japan for over 3 years before returning to the UK. She holds an BSc in Multimedia Technology and Management Systems and a MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship from University College London.

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Korean translator (Amsterdam)

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Portuguese translator (London)

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