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Subscribe to our free monthly Trend Briefings (published in 9 languages, including Chinese and Korean), and join more than 200,000 business professionals in 180 countries.


2. New: our Asia Pacific Trend Report

Completely dedicated to Asia Pacific consumer trends, insights and innovations in 2013-2014, this must-have Trend Report (in PDF and PPT) for global and Asian Pacific brands alike, can be instantly downloaded.


3. Our Premium Service

Premium Service

Our exclusive Premium Service gives any professional tasked with tracking, understanding and applying consumer trends and innovations access to a full 2014 Trend Report, Industry Bulletins, Apply Toolkit, and a Trend Framework / Innovations Database.
Hundreds of big brands and ambitious small firms and agencies already enjoy access...


4. Trend Lectures and Workshops

Tara Hirebet, Head of Asia Pacific, is a respected speaker on Asian consumer trends and their impact on businesses and organizations.

Seminars and events events she has presented at include SiPi (Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute), our Trend Seminars in Shanghai, Seoul and Sydney, Entrepreneurs' Organization Shanghai, Clariant in Singapore, and the Bangladesh Brand Forum.

For information on how to engage Tara for a public or private speaking engagement, feel free to contact Cath Carver at cath@trendwatching.com.

5. Content Partnerships, Syndication and Journalist Quotes

Ideal for journalists, editors, bloggers and more, trendwatching.com content is available for use by Asian media or professional organizations that are interested in running ongoing coverage of our consumer trends and innovations. We also have a team of analysts who are available to offer their expertise for some of your most pressing stories.

Check out our dedicated Media Services page, or email Bruna Pacheco, Communications Manager, straight away.



If you have any questions about our services out of Singapore, please email Andrea Thorn, Client Services Director, at andrea@trendwatching.com

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